Saturday, October 20, 2007

Digital Ethnography Project

Just in from MP2 (courtesy of his ethnomusicology teacher):
You should watch them in order.

I'm actually really impressed. The project is run out of KSU, by Michael Wesch. Must be some interesting IRB issues. More importantly, the messages of the videos really hit home now, when my university is working so hard to find new forums for delivering instruction. The administration's issue is not, of course, about relevancy to today's student population, but rather, it is about how to garner more tuition $$ without building more lecture halls. However, these videos made me think about new/digital teaching formats as possibly more effective (versus just more economical). What do you think?

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participant-observer said...

love them both...
something has to be done about creating relevance for the students, because it just isn't connecting...
there is a disconnect not only between professors and students, but also in each student... "i'm here to learn, but refuse to read from a book, 'can't' write a five page paper, etc."

i wonder if something is automatically more relevant if it is on the web?